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What users are saying:


"Thanks for this. Baily has been skiing with it for several weeks and it has totally eliminated our reflex plate movement issues. Being able to make fine adjustments quick and easy is great. It seems that every single reflex plate we have I had to slot the holes to get it where we need to be and then the plates would move. Problem solved and now I also don't have to tighten the screws so much to try and get it to stay that I risk damaging the inserts. Worth the money. Much cheaper than then plane tickets I wasted last season when her boot moved at an event and they didn't know it. I can't be at every event so this will help"

-Marc Austin


"The industry standard 1/4" incremental adjustment makes it really tough to set your bindings where they need to be. After years of slotting my binding attachment points and dealing with sliding plates my boots are now securely in place where I want them. Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best"

-Trent Finlayson


"Mikro-Just is, IMHO, the best option of a number of options for dealing with binding placement. I've been using one of these daily for three months now. It's quality gear and there are no signs of wear or fatigue--at all. It's nicely made, will never slip, and looks real trick. I was on the road when I bought it so I opted to get Micro-just to modify a plate for me. They did a very nice job of it. I bought this system because I just couldn't seem to stand on the sweet spot of the ski I was on by moving the bindings back and forth just one hole. The first day I had it on, it confirmed my suspicion. Since then, I've tested three skis and found it made getting the bindings set a piece of cake. I'll never ski without this kind of adjustability again. I've not once wished I hadn't spent $86 on Mikro-Just's elegant little system. Every time I use it, which is a lot during ski testing season, it makes me smile."




"The Mikro-just is the way to go to get a secure and repeatable position without having to dink around. I was  on the road when I bought it so I opted to get Micro-just to modify a plate for me. They did a very nice job of it. I ordered a new Reflex plate and had it shipped direct to them and they did the rest! Thanks Mikro-just! Ya, it costs a bit but the workmanship, service and usability is great"

-Chuck Dickey


If you want to get your ski dialed in you need to have one of theseWe adjust our fin in thousandths, set our wings in half degrees, and then are stuck with our binding settings at either 0.25" or 0.5". I'm telling you there is sometimes a better setting for a particular ski than the choice your binding plate allows. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it can make a huge difference in how your ski reacts. Once mounted to the binding plate skiers are able to make precise adjustments in increments of .05 inches. Thats 5-7 times the adjustments that are on todays standard plates! 

I think getting the placement of the boots dialed on your ski can be even more important than the fin and wing. Too far forward, and your ski is going to run down course on the on-side. Too far back, and the off-side is sketchy. This little adjuster lets you find that happy place.

-Terry Winter


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