Instructions for mounting


1.) Select the location you would like to use on your plate. The middle holes are ideal. For larger boot sizes you may need to go to a rear or front slot. Center the Mikro-just attachment over the current holes or slot and clamp in place to prevent movement



2.) Use the provided drill to drill a hole in the binding plate in the proper location.


3.) Unclamp the adjuster and use the provided spot drill from the underside of the binding to create a recess for the mounting screw. Drill deep enough that the head of the screw sits flush with the bottom of the plate. If there is a pad make sure the head is flush with the plate not the pad or damage to the ski could occur.


4.) If you are mounting to a plate that currently has a sequence of holes you will need to turn these holes into a slot. Both sets will need to be slotted to allow you to clamp in any of the positions the Mikro-just allows. A dremel or a die grinder works well for this. We also offer machining of these slots for an additional $25.00. The plate used in the example was a T Factor and did not need slots added. If you are having us slot and mount your Mikro-Just you will need to strip your boot off the plate and provide us a return shipping label in the shipment.


5.) Use the Flat Head Cap Screw and a 3/32 allen wrench from the underside of the binding to secure the Mikro-just fixture in place. The Mikro-just clamp rests on top of the fixture and is tightened in place by a stainless steel phillips head screw.

6.) The second phillips head screw and stainless steel washer are used on the side opposite of the Mikro-just.