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PFL Enterprises, LLC is proud to announce the official release of the 2nd edition of the Mikro-just waterski binding adjustment system. This version sports a beefed up clamp that uses a spring for self raising and a counter bored hole keeping the screw inside the clamp and preventing equipment snags.


What is it?

The Mikro-just system is a precision add on for Slalom and Trick skiers that allows the skier to make small adjustments to the binding location in a quick, accurate and repeatable way. The Mikro-just components are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum and finished with a annodize for added longevity and enhanced cosmetics.


How does it work?

There are 2 pcs to the Mikro-just system. The first is the serrated base pc that gets mounted to the existing binding plate.The 2nd is the serrated top clamp that locks the position in place once set. Adjustments are made in increments of 1/20th of an inch.


What comes with my purchase?

When you purchase your Mikro-just all of the hardware, needed bits for mounting, shipping and taxes are included.


**We do NOT offer a new unit w/o the drill bit and countersink, there is a specific angle on the screw that needs to be matched. Using an unmatched countersink will cause issues of performance and longevity in your purchase**



- Have you ever gotten frustrated because your binding plate has moved during use? Once installed and set the Mikro-just prevents your binding plate from "sliding" while in use, this is because the 2 pcs interlock and are pressed together by the screw. The base pc being mounted to the plate then prevents any unwanted movement from happening.


- Have you ever wanted there to be a setting inbetween whats standard? With the adjustment increment bieng so small the rider can adjust to find his/her natural balance point on the ski and optimize his/her performance.


- With the Mikro-just you do not have completely remove any screws from the ski to make an adjustment. You simply loosen all the screws, then back the screw for the Mikro-just clamp off far enough to slide to the next setting. Tighten everything down and your good to go.



Mounting the Mikro-just system can be done in aproximately 30 minutes and is relatively easy. See our mounting instructions tab for a better idea. If you are uncomfortable doing the needed modifcations yourself we offer mounting for an additional $25.00. You ship us your binding plate and we will mount the system and ship it back to you.

6061 Aircraft Aluminum Clear Finish

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