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The Post Partner was designed to be a post mounted waterski tuning and work station that folds around the post to get out of the way when not in use. Simply fold it up and then fold it around your post, a quick manipulation of the ski clamps and it's locked in place and out of the way until needed again. There are other great products on the market for this but none built to be used in this way or of materials meant to last your lifetime.


The Post Partner allows you to set your ski on it to work on the bindings but also to roll the entire work platform toward you at any angle from 0-90 and re-lock it in place for easy access to any part of the set-up. The clamps are not designed to crank down on our beloved ski's, oh no, they are simply rested on the ski and then tightened from the side. This traps the ski on the platform to prevent it from being knocked to the dock surface. The clamps also secure the ski in place for the roll to access the fin and wing. We will have parts such as the clamps, knobs and screws listed individually for replacements soon.

Like the Mikro-Just these are fully machined from 6061 Aluminum and will come with the needed hardware to mount and use. Our intention is that these are a one time purchase for you, these are not going to rot or deteriorate in the weather. Designed to fit a standard 6 x 6 post the inner dimension for mounting is actually 5-17/32 to allow a nice fit on a 5-1/2 in post measurement. The Post Partner will ship nearly assembled and ready to mount. You should be able to have it assembled and installed in 30 Min or less. If your post is slightly different than that please contact us as we will modify the required parts to fit your post at no additional cost. If you need a fit for an 8 x 8 please contact us prior to ordering there would be an extra cost in material only. Email us at

******Shipping within the United States will be provided with purchase, for customers outside of the United Stated there may need to b be an additional shipping charge*********


Post Partner

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